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Things to think about when choosing a degree

Entry requirements

Universities usually require you to have studied certain subjects for entry onto a physics degree. Sometimes these requirements are essential, other times they are a preference. Look up what subjects and grades you need to at Find a Course.

Subject combinations

There are hundreds of different physics degrees at universities across the UK and Ireland and it can be a little daunting when choosing the right one for you. Ask yourself questions like, what do you enjoy most about physics, whether you want combine physics with another subject or whether you would like a year abroad or in industry. You can use the subject combination filters on Find a Course to investigate all the options available.


Many universities offer bursaries and scholarships to help cover the cost of university; however as each institution has its own scheme it is important that you research the help on offer. To help you start, links to further information on bursaries and scholarships is available on each university profile page. You can also find some useful advice on student finance on the Which? University website.